In South Yorkshire we believe in the power of education to make transformative change. Now it’s time to celebrate that belief – and shout it loudly from the hilltops as Sheffield Hallam University hosts its first ever Festival of Education for education professionals working from 0-19.


Festivalgoers will engage in meaningful debate about the exciting, challenging and impactful things happening in education for the good of all young people in the region – and the talented and inspiring people who teach and work with them. This will build on our major social mobility partnership, South Yorkshire Futures, which is committed to improving education and raising aspiration


And like any good festival, you can decide what interests you from the line-up. From national headliner to fringe event, the Festival will suit all tastes through thought-provoking discussions, round-tables, workshops, panels, performances and many other opportunities for you to get involved.


Some of the key questions for all festivalgoers include: How do we ensure our schools and Early Years settings are great places to learn and to work? How can we get our education organisations working together across boundaries? What’s technology doing for and to young people? How do we enable our young people to realise their potential at and beyond school? How do we save the arts/cultural curriculum? What’s happening in STEM, now and in the future? How are we engaging education with employment? How do we get evidence-informed education within all schools and settings? There are of course many more questions that colleagues will bring.


What else? With music, art, performance, food and other cultural highlights throughout the two day festival across Sheffield Hallam’s City Campus, we’ve got the festival feeling well and truly covered.


If you are an education professional or employer in any kind of role working with children and young people, then this is the festival for you. Spread the word, bang the drum and don’t miss out on the very first Sheffield Hallam University Festival of Education.

What our partners say

The Festival of Education will be an exciting and important opportunity for colleagues across our education community to come together for both their own professional development and to work together on the challenges we face.
Stephen Betts, CEO, Learn Sheffield
Sheffield is becoming more and more of a UK centre for education technology, so Tes is really excited to be part of this festival and a part of the community in this city working on improve the future of schools.
Michael Shaw, Director of Tes Resources
I am delighted that the Chartered College of Teaching is able to support this event. Partnership working and collaboration in pursuit of excellence for the teaching profession is core to our mission.
Dame Alison Peacock
Sometimes the intensity of educational change, the challenge of funding and the demands of accountability can seem overwhelming for schools, their teachers, leaders and governors. It is at times like this when collaboration and a collective voice become so important. This Festival of Education provides us with a unique opportunity to share, innovate and champion the fantastic work that goes on every day in schools across our region.
David Whitaker, Executive Principal, Springwell Learning Community (Barnsley & Lincolnshire)
The Firm Foundations team are delighted to be a part of the Festival of Education at Sheffield Hallam. This is a fantastic opportunity to bring together practitioners and renowned experts in the field of Early Years to discuss best practice across the sector and be part of the wider discussion around education as a whole.
Ruth Swailes, Firm Foundations
In times of great stress in education, it’s wonderful to have events like the Festival of Education taking place in Sheffield, bringing teachers, leaders and educationalists together in a spirit of celebration and collaboration and showing that in spite of everything, we can pull together to make a difference. I’m proud and delighted to be involved.
Debra Kidd
Create Sheffield and Sheffield Music Hub are delighted to be able to contribute to the very first Festival of Education and are delighted to be able to bring a focus on youth voice and creativity to the discussions.
Ian Naylor, Head of Music Education Sheffield and Chair of Create Sheffield
Social Mobility is like trying to run up a 'down escalator' for so long as we leave in place two engines of persistent inequality...first pay structures that see care workers receiving the minimum wage and their children living in poverty while Premier League footballers drive around in Ferraris and some CEOs of Multi Academy Trusts earn 20 times as much as a probationary teacher. Secondly we must tackle the many practices in and out of school which reinforce barriers to equal opportunity such as the pernicious impact of unreformed private education, the admissions system, the myopic approach to school inspection adopted by HMCI and Ofsted and the pandemic of exclusions in some schools.
Sir Tim Brighouse
#WomenEd are delighted to partner with Sheffield Institute of Education and contribute to their new Festival of Education in 2019. Our regional team in Yorkshire @WomenEdYandH, will curate a day to support women leaders in education in South Yorkshire to be 10% braver.
Vivienne Porritt, #WomenEd
Teacher Development Trust is delighted to be involved in this new, major Festival of Education. Sheffield has long been one of our major centres of activity and we'll be helping raise awareness of the amazing teacher development work in the region.
David Weston, Chief Executive, TDT
The Brilliant Club is pleased to be part of the Sheffield Institute of Education's Festival of Education, which brings together people from across the education sector to share ideas and experiences.
Chris Wilson, CEO, The Brilliant Club
We are thrilled to be a part of Sheffield’s first Festival of Education – it promises to be a wonderful opportunity to collaborate and scan the horizon for new developments.
Kat Rhodes, Tapton Secondary School, Sheffield
It is a pleasure to be part of Sheffield Hallam’s Festival of Education. I am looking forward to spending two days supporting professional development across all sectors of education.
Michelle Haywood, Founder of ResearchSEND, The University of Wolverhampton
Cornerstones Education are thrilled to partner with Sheffield Institute of Education for this important celebration of learning excellence and sharing of expertise. We'll be on hand with curriculum advice and teaching materials, whilst showcasing the incredible work from schools in our region.
Simon Hickton, Managing Director, Cornerstone Education
It is so important that education providers, academics, the voluntary sector and indeed anyone interested in the future of education and improved life chances for our young people come together to learn, share best practice and collaborate. The Hallam Education Festival provides a brilliant opportunity to do this. An exciting event at a key time.
Helen O’Donnell