2020 is the 150th anniversary of the Forster Education Act, establishing national compulsory education for the first time. We’ll be celebrating this important national milestone and looking forward to where the future of education is taking our young people, education professionals and our society as a whole.


At Sheffield Hallam University we believe in the power of education to make transformative change. We’ll be celebrating that belief again – and shouting it loudly from the hilltops – as we host our second Festival of Education. Festivalgoers will engage in meaningful debate about the exciting, challenging and impactful things happening in education for the good of all young people – and the talented and inspiring people who teach and work with them.


And like any good festival, you can decide what interests you from the line-up. From national headliner to fringe event, the Festival will suit all tastes through thought-provoking discussions, round-tables, workshops, panels, performances and many other opportunities for you to get involved.


Some of the key questions for all festivalgoers include: what’s challenging policy, leadership and governance? what’s Ed-tech doing for education?
how can we ensure well-being for students, teachers and leaders? how do we make arts and culture thrive in our schools? what’s driving the curriculum, now and in the future?
how can we get, keep and develop the best professional colleagues?
STEM education – how can this be advanced? There are of course many more questions that colleagues will bring.


What else? With music, art, performance, food and other cultural highlights throughout the festival, we’ve got the festival feeling well and truly covered.


If you are an education professional or employer in any kind of role working with children and young people, then this is the festival for you. Spread the word, bang the drum and don’t miss out on the second Hallam Festival of Education.